User manual

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Install the free app Beckon.

If you have an iPhone, then please click on Apple App Store. If you have an Android, then please click on Google Play. If you have a Huawei-Smartphone without Google services, then please click on Huawei AppGallery.


Activation code

Dein Betreiber hat dir bereits ein Konto eingerichtet. Dabei hast du entweder via E-Mail oder via SMS einen Aktivierungs-Code erhalten. Der Aktivierungs-Code ist im Format: 0000-0000-0000-0000

Activate account

Start the app Beckon. Enter your activation code and click on Activate Your account is now paired with your smartphone.

Activate another account

If you already have an active account and want to activate another account, then click on Bind.

Re-activate account

If your account is already paired with another smartphone, then you have to confirm the the unpair procedure. The unpair procedure will be automatically initiated and you will receive an email or sms.



In the main view your allowed actions will be shown as gray (inactive). WIf you are nearby a Beckon, then it's actions will automatically turn blue (active). Click on the blue symbol and the action will be instantly triggered: For example a door will be opened.


In the main view you will also see messages from your provider. Messages with a red symbol are important messages. Only after you have confirmed all important messages, you will be able to trigger actions.

Check-In & Check-Out

When you complete your training, please trigger the Check-Out action. This way you will free up your slot for others. If you want to extend your training time, then you can login again by triggering the main door.



We need internet access on your phone to load permissions from the server. These permissions are then used to search for propriate Beckons nearby. To do the search and to communicate with Beckons, we need bluetooth- and location services on your smartphone. These permissions are only used during the usage of the App and there is no tracking being done in the background. A push notification is sent, when you receive a message from your provider.


The safekeeping of your privacy is very important to us. We store only timestamps, when you confirm messages and trigger actions. Apart from this, no data is being collected.

Data protection

Beckon supports fully anonymous usage. We are a data processor for your provider and we only have data on you, which your provider has given us in compliance with you. In addition to that all data passed to Beckon remain completely in US-jurisdiction and Google (Android) and Apple (iPhone) are excluded from the data processing pipeline.

Further questions

If you experience any issues with the setup or usage of Beckon, then please contact us at any time.

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